Bitan Daily Tours is a cooperative company founded in 2013 with headquarters in Domus De Maria. It mainly deals with tourist services and the promotion of the territory. The members use their organizational and working skills accumulated over the years in prestigious accommodation facilities to develop various activities within the territory. Young graduates and licensed tour guides from the Sardinia Region are fluent in English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

What does the name Bitan mean?.  The name in the milestone found in Santa Margherita reads “road that leads from Nora to Bithia (a Nora ducit Bithiae); the name Bitan (from the BYT’N of the Neopunic stele found in Chia). Thus evokes the ancient name of this Bithia, the Chia Fenicia that no longer exists, buried by centuries of debris and oblivion. The members of Bitan, passionate about Sardinian archeology, culture, and traditions, intend to re-propose and revalue this territory with a return to its origins, to the original name, in neo-Punic Bitan. This territory, described in the milestone and long sought by historians, can not be transformed into a simple indication of a peripheral road that starts from Nora. It must show all uniqueness of culture, tradition, cuisine, territory, customs, and gastronomy.

Bitan is the Chia that no one knows, Chia of hidden beaches, centuries-old traditions, and typical cuisine. Bitan is the heart of the members, linked to the territory, a heart of expert connoisseurs of the seas and mountains of a vast and unknown territory.

And who better can make Bithia known than the inhabitants themselves? Entering the heart of the nature and traditions of Chia, you walk among pristine beaches, between myrtle and mastic, between rosemary (which the Phoenicians called zibir, the Sardinian zippiri) and secular juniper. Admiring festivals, the authenticity, and the particularity of a territory that is in some ways unique and never indeed tasted.

Bitan is the Chia to be discovered in a Spartan way, with rubber boats, jeeps, quads, or simply on foot. Bitan is Chia known by those who live there and can explain to those not satisfied with staying in a hotel room or on a chaotic, crowded beach.

The idea of Bitan was born from this observation of the real needs of the tourist in this area, putting them together and being able to offer them on an ongoing basis. All that Chia lacks had set up to Bitan. The partners’ attitudes and personal knowledge (graduates in languages, history, philosophy, etc.) did the rest.

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#Paris #salonmondialdutourisme

#salonmondialdutourisme #Paris

#salonmondialdutourisme #Paris

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#salonmondialdutourisme #Paris #Chia #DomusDeMaria

#salonmondialdutourisme #Paris