TOUR operator

Bitan offers various tour operators from all over the world an excellent certified guide service, as well as transport service to and from the airport. The itineraries range on request guided tours and multi-day itineraries throughout the Sardinian and Corsican territory, even more than one day, made to measure and addressed to different types of target interested in:

Team Building

Revitalize your team: make them enthusiastic, increase communication: make people talk. Team Building: the team that plays together, invest in your team to build in your business. Based on our experience (over seven years in the industry), we design events that meet the needs of our customers. We have international experience working with many groups (Italy, United Kingdom, Malta, France, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Holland, United States,) in the management of any group (from small to around 300 participants). We offer dozens of incentives for Team Building ranging from different formats of Cooking Team Building and Wine Tasting Games, Action Team Adventure and Adventure (canyoning, coasteering, adventure, combat) to Urban Game Activity (treasure hunt in the city), Creative Team Building (team painting, sculpture team building, cardboard boat) and many more. During your meetings, congresses, dinners, training sessions, conferences or incentive trips, leave it to us!

Excursions, guided tours and tours specifically aimed at people who have different types of physical and mental disabilities; the great flexibility and problem-solving ability allows to customize the itinerary and adapt it to the most varied and unpredictable needs of both an individual and the whole group.

Excursions and guided tours focused on the potential of the territory: the authentic values ​​of the island, the traditions, the niche places and the meeting / exchange with the local population allows the guest to experience a real discovery of the most authentic aspects of the territory and the culture of the island. Choosing the periods with a lower influx of tourists will promote lesser known and less visited places on the island, but at the same time discovering the winter life of places that are targeted by most tourists in the summer.

Accessible and Responsible Tourism

Longevity itineraries

Sardinia carries with it the secret of the longevity of its population: through the encounter with hidden niche activities throughout the Sardinian territory, you can savor the secret of a lifestyle that benefits the body and soul. We will experience the daily activities practiced for centuries in the countryside, now firmly recognized as an elixir of life.

Mystical itinerary that directs the guest to discover churches, remote chapels, large basilicas, abandoned monasteries linked to the religious, rural and pastoral life of Sardinia, a legacy of an intense Byzantine, Judicial and Spanish period. We will see the weight of the Holy Inquisition and the constructive effects of the counter-reform in the big cities, without forgetting to go into the hidden churches here and there throughout the Sardinian territory.

Religious Tourism