Bitan society organizes naturalistic excursions in the mountain and coast territory of Domus de Maria and Chia. We search for Sardinian nature perfumes and tastes in its most hidden places. It will be easy to find the lush vegetation, animals and also different kinds of cities such as Cagliari, Pula, Carloforte with their beautiful archaeological sites and their natural oasis.

Here you are our main excursions.



Wonderful excursion in the ancient medieval city of Cagliari. During this excursion, Bitan guides allow you to go for a walk through Cagliari’s ancient streets: Palazzo Regio (the Royal Palace), the Cathedral, the towers are just some examples of the main attractions that Cagliari’s ancient quarter offers; in Sardinian language this area is called Castle quarter. This excursion also includes a walk through the shopping streets and Cagliari's main markets, in which it's possible to taste some delicious Sardinian products.   Duration: 4-5 hours.




Excursion through the ancient ruins of the first Sardinian village: Nora. The theatre, the thermal baths, the patrician villas, the marketplace and the tower recall a glorious and never forgotten past. Among the extraordinary streets it will be possible to discover the urban and artistic technique used by ancient Mediterranean population. This itinerary continues into Pula, a very nice small town famous for its musical and cultural entertainment. Ticket Included.   Duration: 4-5 hours.


Mountain, Is Cannoneris      


High-flying excursion. The real green Sardinian space is represented by Is Cannoneris, the biggest European holm oaks majestic forest set over 900 meter feet. In this magic place you may meet up with deers, eagles, mouflons, wild boars, which are the most important species that inhabit Is Cannoneris Reserve . This itinerary also includes the visit at the prehistoric ruins of Nuraghi, ancient stone buildings, huge examples of "drystone" technique, dated from 1500 b.c. This interesting walking tour ends with a typical Sardinian snack (that in Sardinian language is called "Sa Picchettada"), offered by the guides.    Duration: 4-5 hours.


Children Excursion - nature, animals and farms             


Naturalistic excursion for children and adults entertainment. The guides allow you to discover different kinds of farms and natural reserves. In addition to the unadulterated mountain air, the forest, the unspoilt environment there will be also the animals company: little donkeys, sheep, goats and the beautiful Sardinian deers represent the agropastoral Sardinian protagonists. At the end of the excursion the Bitan guides will have the great pleasure to offer you "Sa Picchettada", typical Sardinian snack.   Duration: 4-5 hours.


Is Zuddas Caves


Sardinian south-coast excursion. Going through the wonderful panoramic Chia-Teulada street, already travelled by the ancient Romans and Carthaginian population. Passing through this street, we'll arrive to the beautiful Is Zuddas caves in which time seems to have stopped. Stalactites, stalagmites and aragonite are the main attractions that nature can offer. Included ticket.      Duration: 4-5 hours.



Nuraghe Tour


This excursion's aim is to discover the prehistorical Sardinia. Specialized history guides allow you to ramble among the ancient stone buildings, belonged to the Sardinian population, dated back to the 1500 before Christ. They represent the most important monuments of the prehistorical Sardinia; they were made up of the ancient technique called "dry stone wall", without cement. The word Nuraghe  means " a mass of stones" and it is considered the symbol of the Sardinian Nuragic population, which has been one of the most important Mediterranean protagonists thousands of years ago. This excursion is offered in 4 different itineraries, according to one’s own needs. This itinerary includes the typical Sardinian snack, called "Sa Picchettada", following the main traditions and the local products.   Duration: 4-5 hours.


Hidden  Beaches

Amazing itinerary with different options

Itinerary 1 : JEEP . Excursion among the hidden beaches of Sout Sardinia with a duration of 4 hours. Passing through the Ancient Roman Street it will be possible to see the beach of Su Coldorinu and the ancient Port of Chia: Between a pic and a plunge we'll arrive in the amazing beach of Cala Cipolla, from which it's possible to get into the Lighthouse of Capo Spartivento. From there a wonderful view, let you see the extreme point of South Sardinia: Capo Teulada. From the Lighthouse we'll visit the beach and the tower of Capo Malfatano, Cala Crabittu and Porto Larboi. With an addictional price, the guest can choose to have lunch in Capo Malfatano. Duration 4 hours

Itinerary 2 : TREKKING . Trekking itinerary into the hidden beaches of South Sardinia coast. we walk through the east coast to visit the wonderful beaches of Su Coldorinu, Cala Niedda, Cala de sa Musica, Cala Bernardini and Pinus Village. Starting from the beach of Cala Cipolla and from the Lighthouse of Capo Spartivento, we can walk along the west coast to admire the Cala Calarza ancient port, su Campu de i Lepuris beach, the stacks, S’arena Grussa and Cala Antoni Areddu beaches. Duration 5 hours

Itinerary 3: DINGHY. Boat trip in the amazing military area of NATO. Cala Zafferano,  Spiaggia degli Americani and Porto scudo beaches. This part of the coast is accessible only from the sea just in the summer season. Duration 5 hours.


Between sea and mountains: dinghy + jeep


Full day excursion in dinghy and jeep to discover the sea and the mountains of Chia and Domus de Maria. From the 1000 metres height of the biggest holm oak forest in Europe, home of the Sardinian deer and  rich in Nuraghe towers and unspoilt nature, to the hidden coves only reachable by dinghy: Cala Zafferano and Capo Teulada. A typical Sardinian pic nic, sa Picchettada, with local products from Chia and Domus de Maria will be offered during the excursion. As an alternative, lunch can be served in Malfatano Beach, where a delicious fish menu is prepared with the freshest catch of the local fishermen.


Hidden coves, from the ground to the sea: inflatable boat + jeep tour

Full day excursion to discover the hidden paradises of Chia. First, a jeep tour to visit the exclusive inlets of Chia and Teulada: Su Cardolinu island, Cala Cipolla, the lighthouse, Tuerredda, Porto Larboi, cala Crabittu, till the beautiful beach of Malfatano. Then rom there, after a lunch consisting of fresh fish directly arrived from the local fishermen, we will start a tour of the protected beaches on board of an inflatable boat: Cape Teulada and Cala Zafferano, the perfect itinerary for unspoilt nature lovers.



Excursion in the medieval city of Iglesias with its Castle, its churches and the mining museum.    Duration: 5-6 hours.


Archaeological Site of Montessu

Let’s visit this prehistorical ancient necropolis for about 2 km of exstension. The site is made up of two areas: the first one includes the ancient graves called "Domus de Janas" (fairies houses), while the second one is called "Su Congianu".    Duration: 4-5 hours.


Carloforte City and San Pietro Isle   


This excursion passes through the south coast of Sardinia. After a ferry cross from Calasetta, the itinerary continues to the isle of San Pietro. This visit includes the beaches and the city of Carloforte, which had been under the heel of Genoa for several years. The language and the cookery still revoke the Genoan domination. With an additional price it will be possible to have lunch with the typical "tuna" , cooked with the ancient Carloforte traditions.   Duration: 7-8 hours.


Cooking Class

Amazing excursion among the culinary Sardinian traditions: during the ecological walking it will be possible to visit some farms and sheep pens, in which the owners will explain to the guests the cheese and milking thousand-year old art and also they will make Sardinian handmade pasta and sweets. The owners and the guests will produce with their hands the malloreddus (typical Campidano pasta), the culurgiones (Sardinian ravioli with ricotta and spinach) and the seadas (fried ravioli with honey), ancient culinary traditions.


Wine Tasting

Wine street: charming itinerary for discovering the wine tastes. The excursion includes the visit in one of the most significant wine cellars of South Sardinia: Santadi, Agripunica, Argiolas, Ferruccio Deiana, Mesa are just some examples. There is also the possibility to taste the different own production wines, made by the little producers that make the wine for their family use. Duration : 7 hours


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