About us

Bitan is a society which has its own seat in Domus de Maria.

Bitan Daily Tours allows you to do many activities, especially Sardinian south-coast excursions, offered by the professionals. The excursions are carried out by operators and local tour guides who will make you discover Domus de Maria and Chia hidden places, find the essence of nature and  have the possibility to hike in wonderful places.

Tourism and culture are two other important aspects for Bitan's partners : traditional souvenirs trade, graphic services; promotion of Sardinian south-coast territory, language classes (French, English, Russian, Spanish and Portoguese),  are only some examples of the activities that Bitan offers.

Moreover another essential aspect for Bitan's members is archaeology which is easy to encounter in Sardinian ancient villages, in "nuraghi" buildings, in habits and traditions, as well as in cookery.


The name

Bitan's name recalls Chia’s ancient past with its first name. Bitan represents Chia, but that kind of Chia that nobody knows, with its hidden and forgotten beaches, its ancient traditions, and its typical cookery.